Guidelines for Panel Discussions


In order to successfully submit an abstract for a Panel Discussion the following guidelines must be followed:


  • The Chair/Moderator must be a SIG member
  • Submissions for a Panel Discussion must include:
  1. description of the proposed session in one abstract
  2. list of panellists (max 5)

Structure of Panel Discussion Abstract:

  • Title:                             Sentence Case (not all capitals) (Max. 25 words)
  • Body of Abstract:           Statement of topic (Max. 300 words)

                                                What format will be used for the panel discussion?
                                                What knowledge will it provide?

  • Panellist Information:

            Speaker 1 (chair) - Full names, degrees, and affiliations of speaker(s) – max 5
            Speaker 2
            Speaker 3
            Speaker 4
            Speaker 5
Only one abstract needs to be submitted per proposed panel discussion.