Guidelines for Workshop Submissions


In order to successfully submit an abstract for a Worskhop the following guidelines must be followed:


  • The Chair/Moderator must be a SIG member.
  • Submissions for a Workshop must include:
  1. a description of the proposed workshop
  2. three to four individual abstracts from each contributing speaker (max 200 words each). We favour international/inter-institutional collaborations so be mindful of the composition of your workshop.

Structure of Workshop Abstract:

  • Title:                             Sentence Case (not all capitals) (Max. 25 words)
  • Body of Abstract:           Statement of topic (Max. 300 words)

                                               Why is the workshop important?
                                               What knowledge will it provide?

  • Presenter Information:  Full names, degrees, and affiliations of speaker(s)

             Speaker 1 (Moderator) – Summary of presentation        (Max. 150 words)
             Speaker 2 – Summary of presentation                         (Max. 150 words)
             Speaker 3 – Summary of presentation                         (Max. 150 words)
             Speaker 4 – Summary of presentation                         (Max. 150 words)

  • References:           are optional
  • Abbreviations: If used, must be spelt out in full at first mention followed by the abbreviation in parentheses


If you are selected to present a Workshop your team will need to:

  • Prepare and practise a 70-minute set of presentations
  • Make a plan for audience participation in 10-20 minutes
  • Use standard audio-visual equipment – lectern, microphone, PC laptop, data projector and screen
  • All presentations will need to be presented in PowerPoint